Since its inception, Backbone Fiber has remained committed to providing top-tier fiber optic services and solutions that work where our clients build—plains, mountains, cities and anywhere in between. As a company, we are:


We provide scalable solutions for your most complex projects ,bridging the gap between fiber optic infrastructure and your high-speed community.


We stay at the forefront of fiber optic technology to provide you with industry-leading service.


Because we live where we work, we have a vested interest in fostering relationships in the community and executing your projects with care.


Effective communication is the key to creating thriving communities, and it’s the bedrock of what we do. As a company that runs on EOS, our team is aligned by a clear shared vision and a deep commitment to the integrity of our work. Meet our leadership team:
Solomon Howes

Solomon Howes CEO/Owner

With a keen understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities the Front Range region offers, Sol established Backbone Fiber to provide dependable fiber optic services and quality infrastructure for Colorado and beyond.

Joshua Gindl

Joshua Gindl President

An operations powerhouse with more than 20 years of experience, Josh's strategic acumen steers every project toward success. With a laser-sharp focus on operational efficiency, Josh’s thoughtful leadership facilitates seamless internal collaboration and effective strategy execution.

Eric Harris

Eric Harris Chief Financial Officer

With expertise in accounting, legal, IT, and administration, Eric is our resident renaissance man. A certified public accountant, Eric leverages his multidisciplinary brain to oversee Backbone’s financial functions and navigate complex financial and regulatory landscapes.

Michael Carder

Michael Carder Chief Sales Officer

Michael’s journey with Backbone began over 5 years ago as a technician, a role that gives him invaluable perspective as our customer communications and community outreach specialist. With his in-depth fiber-optic knowledge, Michael can convey project costs and processes with first-hand clarity.

Trent Bratten

Trent Bratten Chief People Officer

From leadership training to onboarding and everything in between, Trent is the linchpin to Backbone’s people-first culture. Leveraging his deep understanding of organizational dynamics, Trent is adept at assembling top-notch teams and ensuring our people thrive where they work.


Join a supportive crew of dedicated technicians, innovators, and leaders who are ready to turn up possibility for communities through the future of fiber.

Our process

Every connection starts with a conversation, and we’ve found that dialogue is essential for success. From project conception to completion, we actively collaborate with you to deliver results we can all take pride in. We offer fiber optic solutions, right where you need them for projects large and small for industries across the Rocky Mountain Region and beyond.

Process Image
Free estimate

Our responsive team of experts connect quickly to assess your needs and discuss the right solutions for your unique situation.

Transparent project scope

We tackle the details upfront, provide cost-analysis and collaborate with you to set realistic goals and timelines.

Logistics, simplified

We handle the paperwork and troubleshoot the inevitable complexities so projects get done the right way—on time, on budget, and in compliance with industry standards.

High-quality work

Our skilled crew is committed to precision and efficiency, delivering results that reduce project time and cost and minimize environmental impact.

Effortless handoff

We put our work the test, dot the I’s, and ensure that your project moves from planning to execution seamlessly.