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About Backbone Fiber Systems

An ever-growing team of dedicated technicians serving the future of the Front Range community.

about us

Established in 2011

Backbone Fiber Systems, LLC was established in 2011 with the goal to provide quality and dependable fiber optic services to Northern Colorado. Backbone is committed to building quality infrastructure for communications solutions. We have adopted the following core values and feel strongly that our entire company exemplifies these values on every project making Backbone a valuable and reliable team-mate for your fiber optic needs. We are known for our collaboration, flexibility and adaptability to meet the communication enhancement or demands of our customers.


Serving the Surrounding Communities

Backbone Fiber Systems believes the communication process throughout the projects are paramount to the success of the request. Consistently having dialogue between the project stakeholders allows for essential project collaboration in order to maximize efficiency. We have found that overall project success is directly correlated to project communications and we encourage and participate in various types of project communications. Our team requires weekly same page meetings with our customers regarding open projects where budgets, scheduling, issues and solutions are the priority. Our team also meets internally on a weekly basis for project updates, leadership team meetings, and advanced scheduling. Appropriate project documentation is an essential aspect of our communication process and one that we take great pride therein.